Clayton Homes Introduces Super Efficient Energy Smart Home™
First year's utility bills on Clayton Homes up to $3,000* as part of National Open House promotion

MARYVILLE, Tenn., June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Clayton Homes has an exclusive offer for customers who purchase an Energy Smart Home™ this summer as part of its National Open House promotion.

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The Energy Smart Home™ comes with several features designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize monthly housing expenses. This energy efficient home takes housing to the next level when it comes to powering, heating and cooling. On top of this, if consumers purchase an Energy Smart Home™ between now and Aug. 29, the first year's utility bills are on Clayton Homes, up to $3,000*.

"The Energy Smart Home™ will save homeowners in monthly utility costs both now and for years to come," Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton said. "We're going to give consumers a jumpstart on those savings by providing an incentive that they can use toward paying their utility bills for the first year."

The Energy Smart Home™ comes equipped with some of the latest homebuilding technology available. Some highlights of the money-saving features included in the package:

  • Programmable thermostat--This increasingly popular smart-home technology adjusts to the homeowner's daily routine and regulates temperature based on their usability schedule.
  • Low Emissive (Low-E) windows--These double-pane windows help keep UV rays from entering the house and regulate the home's temperature by keeping conditioned air in.
  • R-33/11/22 insulation--Quality insulation is incorporated into the floors, walls and ceiling to contain the heat during the winter and the cool air during the summer.
  • Air-tight construction--Additional sealants are injected around ducts and seams to make the home's central heating and air system much more efficient by preventing leaks.

"Consumers are more cost conscious than ever, and they're looking for an efficient home that is going to be a long-term investment," Clayton said. "The Energy Smart Home™ is going to give you more money to spend on your own family, instead of your power company."

Customers can learn more about the Energy Smart Home™ package and the National Open House offer by visiting the National Open House website. While there, take the Green IQ quiz and find out how being energy efficient can save money for years to come.

About Clayton Homes
Clayton Homes has built homes since 1956, winning multiple awards for design and construction. Through its affiliates and family of brands, Clayton Homes builds, sells, finances, leases, and insures manufactured and modular homes, as well commercial and educational buildings. Clayton Homes is a vertically integrated Berkshire Hathaway company whose purpose is opening doors to a better life, one home at a time.

*Terms and Conditions for the Energy Smart Program available at participating retailers or $500 minimum deposit and new home purchase with the Energy Smart package required. Buyer incentive based on number of sections for the style of home purchased.  Not available with certain financing, lender restrictions apply.


The Energy Smart Home from Clayton Homes saves money by lowering electricity use.


The Energy Smart Home doesn’t sacrifice style for utility savings.


Low-E windows and advanced insulation save money by keeping the temperature of your home regulated.


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