Good Call: Phil and Kay Robertson Endorse Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes has signed a spokesperson agreement with Phil and Kay Robertson from the popular A&E show Duck Dynasty®.

“What do I know about Clayton Homes?” Phil Robertson, star of the hit reality series asked. “I know they’re built right here in America.”

“And they know the difference between a house and a home,” Miss Kay added.

Clayton Homes President and CEO Kevin Clayton said, “Our Team Members and our customers are exactly the kind of people Phil and Kay relate to.”

The agreement included a 30-second TV spot, a recent meet-and-greet sweepstakes held in West Monroe, Louisiana, and an appearance by Phil and Kay at one of the south’s biggest Home Shows in Tunica, Mississippi.

Clayton said, “We tested the commercial in seven markets and the results were off the charts.”

The Robertsons’ wide range of fans gives Clayton Homes a chance to reach people outside its normal market, but the other key advantage is the close match between the demographics of the show and those of Clayton’s customers.

The show revolves around a group of tight-knit, fun relatives and the hilarity that ensues with a family-run business – but without the scandal and language many reality TV shows have. The Robertsons uplift faith and family, with each episode ending with Phil and Kay at the dining table, bowing their heads in prayer.

Clayton said the values expressed in the program are shared by his company and its customers.

He noted that cast members received a very warm reception when they visited Clayton Homes’ building facility in Savannah, Tenn., recently. The employees thought they were getting a visit from Clayton to mark the completion of their 15,000th home, but were surprised to see Phil and Miss Kay.

“Phil sat at one end of the table with about 200 of our team members and gave the blessing, just like on the show,” Clayton said.

The reality stars – who worked hard to build a business and who value family – share much with his customers, too, he said.

“Our customers are hardworking Americans and many live from paycheck to paycheck, but we know what they have accomplished and how hard they work, and we know how important faith and family is to them.”

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