Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy

Clayton Homes has joined forces with Innovative Education Partnership, Inc. to offer their community one of the most advanced methods of instruction today. The all-new Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy is blazing new trails by creating a unique partnership between educators and business by offering students real-world experiences in an integrated learning environment.

The school bears the name of our Maryville-based business as well as that of Patricia Bradley. Patricia is a veteran educator with 31 years of experience. She retired as principal of Woodland Elementary in Oak Ridge in 2009.

Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy

The academy is slated to open in July 2013 and will be located in the technology corridor of Innovation Valley near Pellissippi Place in Blount County, Tennessee. The campus, designed and constructed by Clayton Homes, will include customized, state-of-the-art classrooms connected to an 8,590 square-foot multi-purpose facility.

[We’ll be trying new things in a constantly changing world, while holding fast to the best practices in how children learn.]

Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton and Executive Director Patricia Bradley

What is a STEM academy?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The programs offered through this innovative school present rooted, real-world scenarios and problem solving to develop creative, critical thinkers. Since most problems have more than one solution, STEM methods include adding dynamic layers to an industrialized system of standardized testing.

Education Partnerships
Through educational partnerships with various companies and organizations, Clayton-Bradley brings invaluable “being-there” experiences to the classroom. These innovative companies will become field study hubs for kids and the industry leaders will serve as classroom speakers and teacher-collaborators.

Progressive School Culture

Curriculum aside, this academy will integrate the modern concept of character education. Clayton-Bradley will be more like a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and acceptance. The staff and faculty will strive to create a learning environment that honors different learning styles and displays a respect for diversity. This kinship school culture will be achieved through weekly school-wide events, daily classroom collaboration, and quarterly student self-assessments. Also, high levels of family involvement will be a key concept and strongly encouraged.

Not only will Clayton-Bradley STEM academy improve students’ academic and personal growth but the academy will also focus on developing on-going relationships rooted in trust and accountability with each and every parent.